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Lithuanian Orienteering Federation

Organizing club: OK Ąžuolas, Vilnius

Event director: Vidmantas Nakvosas

Course setters: Saulius Kireilis and Mantas Rimkus

Event controller: Vitalijus Paulauskas


Friday, May 19

from 16:00 Arrival and accreditation

17:00-19:00 Model Event

Saturday, May 20

10:00 First start of long distance competition for national teams

12:00 First start of long distance competition on Baltic Masters Open Championships and Baltic Open Competition:

19:00 Prize-giving ceremony for long distance competition

20:00 Team officials meeting

Sunday, May 21

10:00 Start of the relay competition for national teams

10:30 First start of the middle distance competition of Baltic Masters Open Championships and Baltic Open Competition

13:30 Prize-giving and closing ceremony at competition centre


Baltic Orienteering Championships

The participating teams are Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus and Saint Petersburg. Each federation may enter a team of up to 56 competitors – up to 28 women and 28 men –and up to 5 officials of the team.

The long distance competition for the (M21E and W21E) classes is included in the World Ranking Event (WRE) list.

Other, non-team runners may participate in the long distance competition (WRE), therefore such runners would be excluded from the Baltic championships.

Participating classes

Long distance:

W14E, W16E, W18E, W20E, W21E

M14E, M16E, M18E, M20E, M21E


W16E, W20E, W21E

M16E, M20E, M21E

Representatives in the national teams

Each national federation may register the following number of participants in classes:













Baltic Master Orienteering Championships

Baltic Open Competition

Competition classes for Baltic Masters Open Championships:

M35, M40, M45, M50, M55, M60, M65, M70, M75, M80

W35, W40, W45, W50, W55, W60, W65, W70, W75, W80

Competition classes for Baltic Open Competition:

M10, M12, M14, M16, M18, M21, Open

W10, W12, W14, W16, W18, W21

Number of participants in each of these competitions is not limited, runners from any country are welcome.

Event centre

The event center will be located in Ignalina, and will be open on Friday, May 19, afternoon. More detailed information will be provided.

Long distance

The long distance of Baltic Orienteering Championships will be held in the outskirts of Stripeikiai, Ignalina municipality. 

Press on "Google" icon on the bottom-left corner of the map to enter Google Maps system.

Long distance – Stripeikiai forest:

Two types of landforms – up to 40 m slopes with various gullies and middle landforms: various depressions, hills, re-entrants, spurs, small marshes. The lowest point – Lake Pakasas – 138 m above sea level, the highest – 200 m. Well runnable pine and spruce tree forest with parts of mixed forest with undergrowth with low runnability. Average density of roads, rides and tracks network. 

Map reworked and expanded in 2016-2017 using new Orthofoto and Lidar materials.

Last competition held in this forest was Lithuanian Championships in ultra-long distance in 2007.

Previous map from 2006: https://dbtopas.lt/takas/lt/zmlp/807

Scales for classes M/W 18,20,21,35,40 - 1:15 000, others - M 1:10 000, contour interval - 5 m.


The relay of BOC and the middle distance for BMOC and Baltic Open Competition will be held near Šeimatis, Utena municipality

Press on "Google" icon on the bottom-left corner of the map to enter Google Maps system.

Up to 30 m Lake Tauragnas slope and various middle and small landforms nearby it: depressions, hills, re-entrants, spurs, small marshes. Mostly average runnability with pine and spruce tree forest with undergrowth. Poor density of roads and tracks. No rides at all. 

Map renewed in 2017.

Last competition in this forest was organized in 2014.

Previous map from 2014: https://dbtopas.lt/takas/lt/zmlp/1400

Scale for all classes 1:10 000, contour interval 2,5 m.    

Training possibilities

A model event will be organized on Friday, May 19, afternoon, on a terrain relevant to the long distance competition area.

For the teams competing in BOC, the maps will be available at the event centre or as agreed with the organizers prior to the arrival.

For those competing in Baltic Masters championship or Baltic Open Competition, the map should by requested by email (info@okazuolas.lt) for a fee of 2 euros. Maps will be handed out at model event start area. 

Entry and start fees

Baltic Orienteering Championships

The final deadline for entries 7 May 2017. All entries should be confirmed by full payment no later than 7 May.

Entries for long distance M21E and W21E classes should only be made through IOF EventorThe registration shall only be performed by the officials from the federations.

Entries for other BOC long distance classes should be made in DBTopas system.

Official registration form should be sent to info@okazuolas.lt for information no later than 7 May 2017.

Those wishing to run in WRE Elite courses outside the national competition shall register only through IOF EventorEntry deadline 7 May.

Baltic Master Orienteering Championships

Baltic Open Competition

First deadline for cheaper registration is 1 May 2017. The final deadline for entries is 15 May 2017. Registration on DBTopas website.

Start fees

Participation fee for national teams in accordance with the regulations of Baltic Championships is 700 euros per team, registration deadline 07.05.2017.

For the competitors of BMOC and Baltic Open Competition, the fees for each day of the competition are:






SI chip


MW 12-18 4 € 5 € 0,30 €
MW 21E (WRE)* 12 €   1 €
MW 21-60  9 € 11 € 1 €
MW 20,65-75 7 € 9 € 0,30 €

*Entry deadline for MW 21E (WRE) runners outside national competition is 7 May.

Payments can be made on the competition day or via internet banking.

OK Ąžuolas bank account

Orientavimosi sporto klubas "Ąžuolas"

LT427044060001311849, AB "SEB bankas"

SEB adress: Gedimino pr. 12, LT-01103 Vilnius, Lithuania


Electronic punching system

The Sport Ident system will be used. A chip card can be borrowed for an additional fee.


Prizes for Baltic Championships - medals and diplomas for 3 best in each class both days and prizes to individual winners of each class.

Baltic Masters Open Championships - medals and souvenirs for 3 best runners in each class in sum of two days.

Baltic Open Competition - prizes for the best runner in each class in sum of two days.


As larger accommodation options in Ignalina region are limited, all national teams will be contacted via official federation emails and options will be provided to them directly. Deadline for reservation of accommodation types is April 5. Final amount of people should be provided by April 20.

Accommodation for individual athletes can be found in the tourist websites http://www.balticlakes.lt/en/holiday-rental/ignalina/ or http://www.atostogoskaime.lt/en . Mostly private houses in the countryside for 10-20 people are available.

For questions regarding accommodation contact Indre Valaite by email valaite@gmail.com .


Event homepage: boc2017.okazuolas.lt

Event information and registration in IOF Eventor: https://eventor.orienteering.org/Events/Show/5580

Contact persons:

Event director: Vidmantas Nakvosas +370 686 03297, nakvosas.vidmantas@gmail.com

Mantas Rimkus +370 686 55578,  mantasr72@gmail.com

Indrė Valaitė +370 696 97531, valaite@gmail.com

Event controller: Vitalijus Paulauskas +370 699 92230, vitalijus.paulauskas@protektor.lt

Email: info@okazuolas.lt